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Japan shifts gear to counter Chinese, North Korea aggression

World War II ended with US forces occupying Japan and the country’s constitution adopted pacifism.

“The japanese people forever renounce war and the threat or use of force.” Today’s Japan led by Shinzo Abe wants to change this.

North korea launched two ballistic missiles that fell in Japanese waters last year. Over the last 100 days, Japan had to peacefully watch China send its longest dispatch of vessels to Senkaku Islands in east China sea. Senkaku belong to Japan. Instead of engaging China with military might, Japan went to international media to raise its concerns. Abe believes japan can no longer hide behind the weak shield of pacifism.

North korea’s nuclear program and China’s military incursions add weight to his arguments. Since his election in 2012, Abe has introduced a series of ‘war bills’

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