Indigenisation of Indian defence industry a must

It was the military industrial set-up of Germany that enabled it to launch its offensive practically against the entire western world both in World War I and World War II. The real strength of the military industry of Germany was obtained through its capacity for self-reliance. This is now true of the United States, Russia, and China, which though not fully self-reliant in defence, wants to emulate the former two mentioned.

As for India, the most serious shortcoming in our defence set-up is our poor standing in the sector of defence indigenization. So backward is India in defence self-reliance that for the last 65 years it has not produced an acceptable rifle for the Infantry, or a main battle tank, a satisfactory field artillery gun (155mm), any fighter aircraft (except for HF24, which was grounded due to external political pressures on our government), advanced jet trainer engine, submarine, attack helicopter, or other major weapons support systems.

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bharat shakti
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