India’s West Asia diplomacy to get boost following Israel-UAE peace deal

India’s diplomacy in West Asia is expected to get a boost following the historic agreement between Israel and UAE brokered by the USA as Delhi enjoys close ties with both these countries.

While India is yet to formally react to the landmark development Delhi that has championed a two-state solution will be satisfied that the deal will prevent further annexation of Palestinian territory, according to sources familiar with the region.

While India’s strategic partnership with Israel has soared in the last few years, ties with Abu Dhabi have grown manifold in the last few years in the backdrop of a strong personal chemistry between Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and PM Narendra Modi.

India is among the few countries that has been able to maintain equal strong ties with all parties Arabs and Israealis; Israelis and Iranians; Iranians and the Gulf states. Hallmark of Indian policy has been a balanced approach which saw India taking no sides in some of protracted issues in the region.

Diplomatic ties between Israel and UAE, one of key players of the Arab world, will make India’s outreach in the region smoother as it enjoys goodwill of all sides, sources pointed out.

Israel and the United Arab Emirates have agreed to normalise relations, US President Donald Trump announced in Washington in what could be termed as a major foreign policy success ahead of his re-election bid.

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