India’s adamant decision to stand alone has surprised China: European Think Tank

After the conflict in the Galwan Valley on June 15, India has shown confidence to stand alone against China during a border dispute. Even though the US has offered to form a ‘Quad Alliance’ against Beijing, the dragon is also surprised by India’s adamant behaviour.

Since the conflict in eastern Ladakh, India and China have held several rounds of talks. The armies of both countries had retreated from some disputed places, but the Chinese troops camped again in Depsang, Gora, Finger areas. The European Foundation for South Asian Studies (EFSAS) said in a statement, “In the initial process of disengagement in Pangong Tso, the Chinese Army has retreated from Finger 2 to Finger 5 areas, but the Chinese troops are still standing on the ridgeline.” India is insisting that the Chinese Army should move from Finger 5 to Finger 8. India has refused to consider withdrawing from the forward areas until the Chinese Army withdraws completely.

Like Doklam in 2017, the determination and resolve shown by the Indian political and military leadership against China’s aggression have surprised China. EFSAS said “The tensions could last a long time. Even after a very difficult season, both countries are ready to survive in winter.”

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