In Israel-UAE Deal, India Stands To Gain But Pakistan’s Terror Factory Will Be Dented

If the planet were a kingdom, US President Donald Trump would be its king right now! He has pulled off what several world leaders in the past failed to achieve. He has ensured that the Muslims will be allowed to pray at the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, the third holiest site in Islam. Trump has convinced the Israeli PM that there will be no more annexation of West Bank, or Palestinian territories. He has created a path of peace and stability for the region to follow.

Israel and UAE Thursday signed a peace treaty which, as per the latest reports will be signed in person in White House, under the watchful gaze of the man who brokered the deal. Peace has a fair chance to return to the region, though the treaty itself has angered a lot of sections on both sides.

Palestinians recalled their Ambassador from UAE, citing reasons that by agreeing to the terms, the UAE has abandoned the Palestinian cause. This is exceptionally immature and myopic, given the fact that the UAE has been supporting Palestinians’ cause for decades now. The Hamas-led leadership, which isn’t happy with the decision, may actually resort to increasing attacks into Israeli territory.

In Israel, the far right is not happy at all. The PM has to pacify the sections back home and he clearly stated there will be no more annexation without US approval. However, some think that by doing this, he has taken the pressure of annexation off the table and betrayed them.

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