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In A War With China, Where Should The U.S. Army Put Its Thousand-Mile Cannons?

The U.S. Army is trying to figure out what role it might play in the fighting if China attacks Taiwan or grabs disputed territory in the China Seas.

A thousand-mile cannon the Army is developing could be the key. Batteries of the super-powerful Strategic Long-Range Cannon could bombard forces on the Chinese mainland from U.S. bases in allied countries.

But there’s no guarantee South Korea, Japan or the Philippines would want to play host to American artillery. The unappealing alternative would be for the Army to sneak the giant guns onto island outposts in the China Seas, where they could be extremely vulnerable to Chinese attack.

The wheeled Strategic Long-Range Cannon is one of several new, long-range weapons the Army is working on as it tries to revive its ailing artillery corps.

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