How do you react to China selling its aircraft carrier to Pakistan?

An Aircraft carrier is not a joke. A single aircraft carrier fleet can destroy an entire navy of hostile country. In 1971, the Indian aircraft carrier ‘INS Vikrant’ single handedly destroyed the entire East Pakistani Navy which led to liberation of ‘ Bangladesh’. It takes years of design, research & development and huge amount of money to build an aircraft carrier. Also it is very costly and difficult to maintain an aircraft carrier. An Aircraft carrier never sails alone but is protected by submarines, cruiser, destroyers, escort ships, etc.

Now you have understood how complex, expensive, time consuming, hard to maintain, aircraft carriers are. That’s why only a few elite countries like the UK, France, Spain, Italy, the USA, India, China and a few more operate aircraft carriers. These countries have vast coastlines and global territories. They have big economies. Currently Italy and Spain operates 2 aircraft carriers, UK, France, India, China operate 1 each aircraft carrier and USA operates 19 aircraft carriers out of which 11 are supercarriers.

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