Focus on Ladakh, India reviews preparedness at other LAC sectors to foil China mischief

India has reassessed the defence matrix in the eastern and central theatres to ensure the Chinese military can’t spring a surprise as the disengagement process drags on in Ladakh, ThePrint has learnt.

The disengagement process, which follows weeks of tensions triggered by Chinese incursions in May, has been progressing at a slow pace since it began last month.

India’s bid to take stock of the eastern and central sectors comes amid an assessment in security circles that China may use the disengagement process in Ladakh, which is expected to stretch into the winter, to spring a surprise along other sections of the border with India.

The border stretches overseen by the eastern and central commands comprise the two other sections of India’s boundary with China, along Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand (central section of the Line of Actual Control) and the northeast (eastern).

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