Corona vaccine: Why India and rest of world are not so excited over Russian claim

Acorona vaccine has arrived. Apparently. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced it himself on Tuesday. Russia has named its coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V — a reminder of the satellite race with the US decades ago. Russia had launched satellite Sputnik in 1957 before the US could do so

Putin, in a rare display, named his daughter among those who have been administered the coronavirus vaccine. Yet, the world has not shown the kind of enthusiasm that was expected for the first vaccine against Covid-19.

Even in India, which is now confirming more Covid-19 cases than other countries on a daily basis, there is not much excitement. This is despite the fact that Russia is understood to be open to supply the vaccine to India, and that Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has just returned from that country.

Russia has registered the vaccine after its health ministry gave approval for the same. Putin, in his speech, said the vaccine passed all mandatory bio-safety tests.

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