China test fires ‘carrier killer’ ballistic missile amid tensions with India, USA

Amid growing tensions with India and the United States of America, the Chinese have test-fired a ballistic missile which is being tipped as ‘carrier killer’. On Monday, People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force (PLARF) announced that it had test-fired two ballistic missiles during recent drill, a short-range and an intermediate-range missile.

“We are in a highly alert state for combat, to ensure our actions are prompt and precise,” Liu Yang, the commander of the brigade that carried out the tests, was quoted as saying in a story on PLA news site

The IRBM launched by the Chinese Army has a range of 2,500 miles and is being tipped as an ‘aircraft carried killer’, a potential threat to the USS Nimitz and other American Navy vessels in the region.

The drill was to test how 1quickly PLARF soldiers could respond to an incoming nuclear attack. In the video, uploaded to the PLA website, they are seen charging towards the mobile missile launchers. The report however did not confirm when the drill took place.

This comes after US Air Force’s Global Strike Command test-fired the LGM-30 minuteman lll ICBM which has a range of 4,200 miles, just after midnight on August 4.

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