China Readying Its Early Warning Radars To Check Deep-Strikes By Agni Missiles, Rafale Jets

With the newly-acquired nuclear-capable Rafale jets performing night sorties in the mountainous terrain of the country, experts believe that India could re-look at its usual ‘no-first-use’ approach against China, which has failed to withhold its aggressive nature, time and time again.

China’s rising belligerence over the recent years, coupled with the deadly Galwan Valley clash between the militaries, the Indian side, whose traditional focus has been on dealing with Pakistan, could re-strategize its first-strike strategy.

According to a recent report by Hans M. Kristensen, Director of the Nuclear Information Project in the Federation of American Scientists, the Rafale jets and Agni V missiles will be a game-changer for India and inducting deep strike capable fighters, long-range missiles and sea-based ballistic missiles (SSBNs) will not only widen the nuclear gap between India and Pakistan but will bring the whole of China within its reach.

Kristesen, while speaking to a publication said, “The point we’re making in the paper is not that there is a major shift in India’s nuclear strategy, but that its capabilities are evolving to bring all of China within reach for the first time.”

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