China-India standoff: India is destined become more glorious

The ground realities of factual expansionism appears to have come on display when the Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Weidong claimed that both the countries have “disengaged at most of the friction points”, that temperature was coming down and that both the countries now should commit to “friendly cooperation”. Weidong also hoped that both the sides would appreciate the fundamental interests of each other and endeavor to bring the mutual relations back to normalcy. India quickly rebuffed the statement without mincing words and noting that though some progress were made but the disengagement was far from completed and hoped that Chinese side would “complete the disengagement and de-escalation”. This is what has been apprehended by people in know-how of Chinese attitudes.

This is the real dilemma and crude contradiction of approach. Disengagement talks between two troops are continuing even though the Chinese side is said to be reluctant to disengage at two of the four friction points in Ladakh. The expressed mood, however, from both the sides have been conciliatory and encouraging ever since our National Security advisor did have a detailed dialogue with the Chinese Foreign Minister. There have been at least four rounds of talks, with fifth in offing, and after each of these meetings positive statement has been released aiming at and pledging for “complete disengagement”. However, the statement indicating disengagements having been completed at most of the points from the Chinese side may be intended to gauge the Indian response and approach to the actual progress at the friction sites. This reminds to Nehru’s angry remarks on this Chinese attitude that they would advance twenty kilometers and would withdraw ten and assert that they have gone back to the status quo position.

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