Boeing’s 737 Max will soon be taking passengers again as it finishes getting recertified to fly – here’s what you need to know

Boeing is nearing the end of a lengthy recertification process for its infamous 737 Max aircraft following two fatal crashes.

After over a year of repair work, Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration finally completed certification flight testing on a Max aircraft in early July after only three days of tests, paving the way for its eventual return to service. The FAA submitted the changes into the Federal Register on August 3, opening a 45-day period for public comment on the proposed design fixes.

The aviation regulator will next join a multi-country review board in examining the proposed fixes and changes to crew training and procedures for the aircraft. Once the plane is given the all-clear, it won’t be the end of Boeing’s nightmare as the FAA will still need to authorize airlines to train flight crews on the aircraft again and potentially thousands of pilots will head to school to learn the new Max.

But the public will be flying on the aircraft in the near future, especially as airlines will likely want to utilize the more modern and fuel-efficient planes in their fleets such as the Max to ride out the current downturn.

Here’s what flyers need to know about the aircraft before stepping onboard a Boeing 737 Max aircraft again.


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