As India and China refuse to back down, a look at IAF’s Rafale vs PLA Air Force’s J-20

A necessary comparison
According to a report by IANS, the Indian Army is stretched between its northern borders with China where it is locked in multiple standoffs with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, while in the western borders it is busy tackling the increasing cross-border firing and infiltration bids by Pakistan-based terror groups. In either case, it is air power that could tip the balance. The Rafale fighter aircraft is armed with beyond visual range missiles like Meteor, SCALP and MICA, increasing their ability to take on incoming targets from a distance.

Straight from the horse’s mouth
A senior Indian Air Force officer said that Rafale fighter jets would be a major force multiplier. “There would always be a fear factor within the minds of the enemies,” said the officer, adding that even one Indian Rafale fighter can thwart the enemy’s plans. He also explained that India will be supreme in the sky when the Rafale fighter aircraft would enter the theatre.

What China claims
The Chinese PLA Air Force has about 157 fighters and 20 GJ-1/WD-1K precision strike UAVs. China claims that its domestically developed J-10C and J-16 fighter jets are far more advanced than Russia-made Mig-29s, Su-30s and France-made Mirage 2000 jets. It also claims that its J-20 stealth fighter jet has a generational advantage over Indian aircraft, a gap that cannot be fulfilled by any means.

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  1. I have read many of the comments above boasting of our newly entered Rafale, our battle hardened army,by all in all we are much superior to China.My question is having all this plus points why India still holds meetings to deescalate and disengagement talks.I accept war is not solution but how long we talk with our enemy who is inside our territory.Are we scared?timid? What is the reason holding back us?

  2. Is the Rafael for the IAF ? Can an Indian fly a plane or a fighter jet ?

    The IAF was almost wiped out by the PAF,in the 1965 war – but the PAF had a pre-emptive strike,
    so we can ignore it.

    Let us also ignore the multiple air crashes of the IAF,in the Indian Heartland,and the Sino-Indian Border !

    Let us look at History !

    The Hindoo Hero,Man God,Hero God is RAMA ! As per the Valmiki Ramayana,his wife Sita,was kidnapped
    by the King of Lanka (a strategic ally of PRC),and loaded onto to a aero-vehicle and taken to Lanka

    Rama the Man God neither saved his wife,nor heard her cries for help.

    Rama the Man God could not get a plane,to intercept or rescue his wife – for 12 YEARS.

    Rama the Man God,was roaming the jungles for 12 YEARS WITH APES AND BABOONS,trying to make an army to go to Lanka !

    Rama the Man God,used an army of apes,to make a BRIDGE TO LANKA.Rama the ManGod,could not even make a ship,to reach Lanka !

    PLA is to note that Rama the Man God used Apes,to make a bridge to Lanka,and also,to fight the Lankans.RAMA KNEW

    HOW CAN THESE PEOPLE FLY RAFAELS OR RUN NUKE SUBS ? They are the offsrping of Rama !

    What did Seeta say of Rama ? She called him an impoteny pansy !

    Book II : Ayodhya Kanda – Book Of Ayodhya Chapter[Sarga] 30

    किम् त्वा अमन्यत वैदेहः पिता मे मिथिला अधिपः | राम जामातरम् प्राप्य स्त्रियम् पुरुष विग्रहम् || २-३०-३

    “What my father, the king of Mithila belonging to the country of Videha, think of himself having got as so-in-law you, a woman having the form of a man?”

    The IAF and Army are the offsprings of Rana !

    Indians do NOT realise,that the monkeys of Rama,cannot fight a war in Ladakh, for 5 reasons

    There are no Trees in Galwan
    There are no banana plantations in Galwan
    There are no bananas in Galwan
    It is too cold for monkeys to survive in Galwan
    The Mongols have great experience in taming and managing apes and stallions – from before the time of Genghis Khan

    The PLAF and PLN will destroy the IAFand the Indian Navy

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