Amid strained ties, India, Nepal to hold meeting on August 17; border issue not on agenda

India and Nepal that have been at loggerheads over several issues lately, are scheduled to hold talks next week in Kathmandu. This will be the first major bilateral engagement between the two countries since the ties turned sour after the Himalayan nation release a new political map in May.

Indian Ambassador Vinay Mohan Kwatra and Nepal’s Foreign Secretary Shanker Das Bairagi will hold talks on August 17 under a bilateral framework.

The meeting between Kwatra and the Nepalese foreign secretary under an oversight mechanism will focus only on economic and development projects, and is part of a regular interaction between India and Nepal, PTI reported, citing official sources.

As per reports, there will be no discussion on boundary issue during the scheduled talks.

“This oversight mechanism was set up in 2016 to review ongoing bilateral economic and development projects, and meets on a periodic basis,” said a source.

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