All you need to know: ‘Air bubble’ and updated rules

As per ‘air bubble’ arrangements, India has negotiated so far with the United States of America, UK, France and Germany that both Indian and the aforesaid countries’ national carriers will be able to fly passengers in and out of these countries, without any entry restrictions, the Indian Ministry for Home Affairs announced recently.

The MHA said it has “permitted OCI cardholders to enter India who belong to countries with which “air bubble” arrangements have been finalised by Ministry of Civil Aviation. Other foreigners from these countries have also been allowed to avail Indian visa facility for business, medical & employment purposes.”

It added, “Indian citizens have also been allowed to travel to such countries on any type of visa”.

To ease navigating through rules, India Today has compiled a list of those persons who will be able to travel to the US, UK, France and Germany, as per the recent bilateral agreements. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check the quarantine/testing rules at the destination country before boarding your flight.


British Airways has announced that a limited number of flights will run between the UK and India from 17 August.

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