Air India group pilots seek meeting with aviation minister to discuss challenges

Pilots of Air India group (Air India, Air India Express and Alliance Air) have written to civil aviation minister Hardeep Singh Puri, seeking an immediate meeting to discuss challenges faced due to Covid-19, flying during monsoon, ill-designed flight duty time limitations (FDTL), and extensions and dispensations given by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). The pilots urged Puri for a meeting in the interest of passenger safety.

In their letter written to Puri by the Indian Pilots Guild (IPG) and Indian Commercial Pilots Guild (ICPA) unions of Air India on Thursday, the pilots highlighted flight safety and working conditions of pilots of Air India group companies and the recently-imposed policies implemented by the Air India board, imposing steep pay cuts that pilots said are implemented targeting pilots across Air India, Air India Express and Alliance Air.

Pilots also said the Air India management has tried to burden frontline workers with massive pay cuts to safeguard the salaries and perks of senior management.

The letter read, “Aviation policymakers are creating a caustic work environment without any reproach or consequence. It is paramount that the safety of the travelling public is not compromised. In this, you are our singular hope.”

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