2 Chinese generals dissect Xi Jinping’s US policy, push for a relook

Dai Xu, a top general of the People’s Liberation Army has advocated that China should take stock of its relative weaknesses compared to the US and behave accordingly, according to a report in Nikkei Asian Review that cited a recent article authored by the officer who has been described as one of China’s most prominent hawks.

In his article, Dai underscored how no country had come forward to establish an alliance against the United States through the ongoing China vs US episode that has been playing out. “China has provided assistance to so many countries, benefiting them in so many ways, but at this critical moment, none of them has taken any unified action with China,” Dai wrote.

The top general, the analysis in Nikkei Asian Review said, appeared to suggest that China had gotten ahead of itself.. He warned that China should never “knock on (America’s) door and make a loud announcement that ‘I shall surpass you, replace you and be the world’s number one’.”

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