1947 pact on Gorkha soldiers redundant, says Nepal Minister

The 1947 agreement among India, Nepal and the United Kingdom that deals with the military service of Gorkha soldiers has become “redundant,” Foreign Minister of Nepal Pradeep Kumar Gyawali said on Friday.

In an online interaction organised by the Nepal Institute of International Relations, the Minister dealt with various aspects of India-Nepal ties and said India should respond to Nepal’s request for talks on the Kalapani dispute to prevent the issue from impacting people-to-people relations.

“Gorkha recruitment is a legacy of the past. It was on the one hand the first window that was opened to Nepali youth to go abroad. It helped create a lot of jobs for the society in the past. In the changed context some of those provisions have become questionable. At least tripartite agreement of 1947 has become redundant,” said Mr. Gyawali answering a question. He spoke of a possible “bilateral” arrangement with India regarding the Gorkha soldiers.

Discrimination alleged
The 1947 agreement divided the Gorkha regiments of the British empire between India and the United Kingdom. It also assured that the Gorkha soldiers of Nepal while serving in the British military will draw perks and privileges equivalent to their counterparts.

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