Tavor TAR-21 assault rifle : Indian Special Forces Primary Weapon

Tavor TAR-21 automatic assault rifle is the main weapon of the Indian special forces & also the X-95 (variant of tavor ) is widely used by Indian para military forces and SWAT unit of Indian police .

In late 2002, India signed an ₹880 million (equivalent to ₹2.7 billion or US$38 million in 2019) deal with Israel Military Industries for 3,070 manufactured TAR-21s to be issued to India’s special forces personnel, where its ergonomics, reliability in heat and sand might give them an edge at close-quarters and employment from inside vehicles. By 2005, IMI had supplied 350–400 TAR-21s to India’s northern Special Frontier Force (SFF). These were subsequently declared to be “operationally unsatisfactory”.

The required changes have since been made, and tests in Israel during 2006 went well, clearing the contracted consignment for delivery. The TAR-21 has now entered operational service – even as India gears up for a larger competition that could feature a 9 mm X95 version. There was an attempt to create an Indian version of the Tavor under license known as Zittara, which was not adopted and it was made with a few prototypes from OFB. The new Tavor X95s have a modified single-piece stock and new sights, as well as Turkish-made MKEK T-40 40 mm under-barrel grenade launchers. 5,500 have been recently inducted and more rifles are being ordered.

A consignment of over 500 Tavor bullpup assault rifles and another 30 Galil sniper rifles worth over ₹150 million (US$2.1 million) and ₹20 million (US$280,000) respectively was delivered to the MARCOS (Marine Commandos) in December 2010. In 2016, IWI announced that it was establishing a 49:51 joint venture with Punj Lloyd in India, in order manufacture rifle components in India.



The Tavor TAR-21 is the standard variant with a 457mm(18in) long barrel.


The GTAR-21 has a notched barrel, to accept an M203 40 mm under-barrel grenade launcher.

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