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Stop using ‘militant’ for ‘terrorists’ who kill cops. Police officers have families too

On social media, in the newspapers, they never call them a terrorist. Yes, they murdered people in Kashmir and elsewhere, but there were always murders in our world. And these murders happened for a cause that nobody is willing to sit down and describe. The names of those murdered, no one could find in papers or on Twitter.

One September day in 2018, Kulwant Singh was home, on leave in village Kapran, Shopian. He worked as a Special Police Officer (SPO) at a police canteen in neighbouring Kulgam district, serving tea to other police personnel and visiting civilians.

The village, where his family stayed for generations, is one of the early apple cultivators in Kashmir. Singh’s family did not leave the Valley even after the onset of Pakistan-sponsored terrorism. Kapran, on a normal day, is unusually calm, and all one can notice are apple trees.

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