Russian Believes MiG-29UPG Will gives India an edge over China

India’s decision to buy more than 20 MiG-29 fighters from Russia and upgrade another 59 brings it to parity in the confrontation with China. About this FBA “Economy Today” said Major General, Honored Military Pilot of the Russian Federation, candidate of technical sciences Vladimir Popov .

India purchases a large batch of MiG-29 from Russia and modernizes existing machines / Russian Defense Ministry . The Indian Ministry of Defense approved the acquisition of 21 MiG-29 fighters from Russia, as well as the modernization of 59 such aircraft already in service with the country’s air force. In total, New Delhi is ready to spend about $ 980 million on these operations. In addition, the Indian Air Force will also purchase an additional 12 Su-30 MKI aircraft, which are produced by the Indian aircraft manufacturer Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd under a Russian license, for $ 1.35 billion. The decision was approved by the head Indian War Department Rajnath Singh.

These strategic plans were discussed amid a worsening relationship between India and China. On the night of June 15-16, in the area of ​​the Galvan river in the Union territory of Ladakh on the border of India and China, clashes between the Indian and Chinese military occurred. At least 20 Indian soldiers were killed and 76 injured. The Indian side also claims that about 45 Chinese soldiers were killed and wounded in the clashes.

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