Iran missiles land near Al Dhafra airbase where 5 Rafales halted overnight

United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) Al Dhafra airbase, where the five Rafale fighter planes of the Indian Air Force (IAF) halted overnight yesterday, was in a state of high alert when Iranian missiles landed near the base, US media reported.

Al Dhafra base, where US and French troops are stationed, is located close to UAE’s capital Abu Dhabi. IAF’s 3 single-seater and 2 double-seater Rafales halted at the base overnight before they resume their journey today to land at Ambala airbase.

CNN’s Barbara Starr tweeted, “CNN has learned US bases at Al Udeid and Al Dhafra went on alert this am when intel indicators showed an Iranian missile possibly headed that way. Personnel told to take cover for several minutes. No missile struck, US officials say they took prudent precautionary measures.”

Another US journalist Lucas Tomlinson of Fox News quoted an official who said that “3 Iranian missiles splashed down in waters near the bases on Tuesday as part of Iran’s military exercises.”

BBC’s Nafiseh Kohnavard added to this by saying that US Navy has slammed Iran’s manoeuvre in Persial Gulf. “US Navy slams Iran’s manoeuvre in Persian Gulf calling it ‘irresponsible and reckless’. There were reports last night that troops in Al Dafra AFB, UAE, were asked to stay in bunkers, due to IRGC’s drill and missile tests,” she tweeted.

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