Iran-China strategic agreement and its implications for India

In fresh inputs now available in open source domains, China and Iran are on course to chalk out a comprehensive 25 year strategic partnership based on an agreement signed during the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Teheran in January 2016. Iranian President after the visit had stated the visit to be beginning of a “new chapter” aimed to build economic ties worth up to $600 billion within the next 10 years.

Though the number of investments appeared sceptical, it is only now that the details have emerged to give a semblance to the agreement concluded between the two countries in 2016. As per leaked data Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohammad Zarif, during his visit to China in August 2019 presented to his counterpart, Wang Li, a comprehensive roadmap for a 25-year China-Iran strategic partnership based on the signing of 2016 agreement by the leaders of two countries.

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