India’s new envoy to Taiwan is a sign of policy change towards China, say experts

Amidst border tension with China, India’s ambassador to Taiwan Gourangalal Das has already reached that country, Taiwan. According to informed sources, he will assume charge after the official announcement and at the end of the quarantine period in Taiwan. India’s new ambassador Gourangalal Das, was joint secretary (Americas) in the Ministry of External Affairs Headquarters and is a prolific Mandarin speaker. The appointment of an envoy to Taiwan is a significant departure from the erstwhile policy of India known for its risk-aversion and soft-diplomacy, say experts. In most of the meetings until 2010, India endorsed “One China policy”. But this began to change with the growing border face-off between the two countries, and China’s interference in domestic affairs.

According to Prof Rajan Kumar, School of International Studies, JNU, Delhi, “China at one point of time started issuing stapled visa to people from Jammu and Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh. Recently, China objected to India’s division of Jammu and Kashmir and the creation of Ladakh as a Union Territory to be directly administered by the Centre. This was interpreted as interference in the internal issues of India.”

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