Indian Navy

Indian Navy increases monitoring of vessels in Indian Ocean

With increased Chinese combativeness, the Indian Navy has increased the monitoring of vessels in the Indian Ocean. Indian navy, as are the other services — Army and Air Force, is in the heightened state of alert in the aftermath of the Galwan valley incident.

The Indian Navy has steadily developed the capability of being able to monitor movements through the Indian Ocean region, and interdict them as and when required.

As far as People’s Liberation Army Navy units are concerned, there are only a few straits through which they can enter the Indian Ocean, which can be kept under continuous surveillance.

Meanwhile, India in 2015 had articulated its strategic vision under the acronym SAGAR –Security And Growth for All in the Region. It seeks to deepen economic and security cooperation with maritime neighbours and assist them in building maritime security capabilities. It is part of strengthening cooperation with littoral states.

While it is unlikely that any Galwan Valley-type misadventure by the Chinese forces could happen at sea, chances of strong response will be in offing.

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