Indian Army Seeks To Acquire State-Of-The-Art Israeli Loitering Ammo To Add Lethality To Ground Infantry

The Indian Army is considering an acquisition of state-of-the-art Israeli Spike Firefly “loitering” ammunition and hand-launched, remotely controlled unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) “Raven” from the US, Hindustan Times has reported.

These weapon systems would add more lethality to army ground infantry units.

The Spike firefly loitering ammunition enables combat units to both locate and carry out a precision strike on the enemy hiding within 1 KM range. The firefly also comes with a recall capability which can be used in case of the enemy moving beyond range.

Here is a video of the firefly in action.

The weapon comes with a Beyond Line of Sight Sight of Line combat capability and promises to eliminate the advantage of the enemy taking cover and the need to engage in long-drawn-out firefights.

The weapon can be controlled using a control unit present on a tablet and can be engaged in urban warfare where precision is critical.

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