India exposes China’s hollowness amid border row as Beijing increases PLA deployment along LAC

Sino-India faceoff in the Galwan Valley in the eastern Ladakh has exposed China internationally, but Chinese President Xi Jinping appears to be adamant in his expansionist misadventures. Amid talks with India to defuse border tensions following the recent violent clash between the two nations’ troops, China has deployed 6 times more troops on the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

The deployment of Chinese troops along the LAC shows that the Communist nation is sticking to the 2500-year-old military strategy of Sun Tzu, who wrote a famous book The Art of War. The ancient military strategist had propounded that when you are weak, give the enemy an impression that you are very powerful and when you are really powerful, the enemy should have the feeling that you are too weak.

This strategy, however, is not helping China as its expansionist agenda is being exposed internationally and Chinese President Xi Jinping is also learned to be losing popular support.

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