Hyderabad: NRIs stuck due to lockdown seek civil aviation ministry’s permission for chartered flight to UAE

Thousands of NRIs have been left stuck in India during the ongoing lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. In Hyderabad, around 162 NRIs are waiting from final approval from the civil aviation ministry to hire a chartered flight to return back to UAE. The NRIs had visited Hyderabad for different purposes including work, education and meeting their families.

However, now they have been confined to the city and are unable to return back due to travel restrictions. The NRIs had negotiated for a flight back to the UAE on July 02 but they have not been given the approval yet by the civil aviation ministry. “There has been no response to our appeal for the last 10 days,” an NRI who took up the issue, was quoted as saying by Times of India.

The group of NRIs had got UAE immigration approval valid for only 21 days which means they can’t enter the country after July 4. However, due to the delay in approval, it remains uncertain if they will be travel back to UAE or not.

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