Domestic Flights: Air Traffic in Metro Cities Hit More Than Non-Metro Cities, Says Report

Though the resumption of the domestic flights in India from May 25 after a blanket ban for two months has been successful as passengers are not staying away from domestic travel giving in to the fear of the spread of the novel coronavirus, the aviation sector is far from the revival it needs, a report by an aviation consultancy has said.

The Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) in its report has said the recent traffic mostly comprised those passengers that were stuck in the “wrong” place at the time of imposition of lockdown on March 25, and started returning to their home base, reported PTI.

5 things you need to know

1. According to the report, demand for domestic flights has been weaker than expected since May 25. The planes are booked to their capacity, true, but the airlines are running fewer planes, the airports are handling fewer arrivals and departures.

2. The civil aviation department has given a go-ahead to the airlines to increase their capacity. But given the rising operational cost, not all of the airlines are in a position to increase their operations.

3. The ban on scheduled international passenger flights till July 31 will also dent the airlines.

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