DGCA Asks Indian Airlines to Inspect their Boeing B737 Aircraft Following FAA Directive

Aviation regulator DGCA has directed Indian airlines to inspect the Boeing B737 aircraft in their fleet after the US aviation regulator FAA issued an emergency directive on this matter on Friday, officials said.

Three Indian airlines – SpiceJet, Air India Express and Vistara – have Boeing B737 aircraft in their fleet.

The emergency directive was “prompted by four single-engine shutdowns” that happened due to compromised air check valves in the engines of the certain B737 aircraft, said the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in its emergency directive.

The FAA asked the airlines to inspect their B737 aircraft that have not flown for seven days or more and the ones that have operated not more than 10 flights after return to service.

A senior DGCA official said the Indian regulator has asked Indian carriers SpiceJet, Vistara and Air India Express to inspect their B737 aircraft as directed by the FAA.

Another Directorate General of Civil Aviation official said inspection of some of the Indian aircraft has already been done by their owner airlines.

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