China entered covert deal with Pakistan military for bio-warfare capabilities against India, Western countries: Report

As part of a broader offensive against India and Western rivals, Pakistan and China have entered a secret three-year agreement to expand potential bio-warfare capabilities, including several research projects related to the deadly agent anthrax, the Klaxon reported citing multiple intelligence sources.

China has been criticised for handling of coronavirus pandemic with speculations that disease could have emerged from Wuhan Institute of Virology, though most experts have discounted the theory.

According to the report authored by Anthony Klan, the same lab has signed the covert deal with Pakistan military’s Defense Science and Technology Organization (DESTO), to collaborate research in “emerging infectious diseases” and advance studies on the biological control of transmitted diseases.

As per the intelligence sources cited by The Klaxon, they have serious concerns about the covert project which involves China testing biological agents outside its borders to minimize the “risk of drawing condemnation from the international community”.

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  1. When China was developing biological in the form of corona was the world sleeping?on suspician of chemical weapon the usa and its cronies destroyed Iraq woul they have remained silent till their citizen died . Impossible.Its just American propaganda for Dolunds win.

  2. These so called multiple intelligence sources, bastards never gave forewarning for the pandemic, China moving in kms in India. And get rest of the shit, for an attack legitimacy. Later declare it false reporting poor intelligence.

  3. The only country in the world who can’t be trusted is usa, history has shown many times. India is the only country which is the future target of usa. My sympathies are with fellow indians, remember it people with power are against those who want to stand at par with them. Pakistan is a weak country and no danger to any country but india is so be alert from the menace of usa.

  4. Conventional and nuclear war is not possible in this era because if nuclear country Start this type of war then they must be affected on large scale so every developed countries try to fight or suppress other countries with bio war or cyber war . For developing countries like india, Indonesia… Has big challenge, how to face it.i think for that
    Intelligence agencies would play important roleint it their for they would have to improve our agencies….

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