Bulgarian Military: India is ready to abandon the purchase of the Su-57 in favor of the F-35

The Bulgarian military-themed portal Bulgarian Military, citing Indian sources, writes about India’s plans for fifth-generation fighters. At the same time, the publication voiced somewhat strange information.

The authors in an article dated July 2, 2020 write that India “may abandon the Russian Su-57 in favor of the American F-35.” The strangeness, at least, is that India has not yet expressed intentions to acquire a fifth-generation Russian Su-57 aircraft, which, by the way, is not yet in service with the Russian aerospace forces.

Recall that the Indian side withdrew from a joint project with the Russian Federation to create the newest fighter – FGFA, putting forward a series of claims: from high cost to “not corresponding to the fifth generation fighter aviation engines. ”

From where the authors of this material have data on “200 million dollars” for a Russian plane, one can only guess.
At the same time, a further phrase indicates that the publication takes its numbers, as they say, “from the ceiling”:

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