America’s largest warship likely to exercise with Indian Navy amid Chinese aggression

US Navy’s USS Nimitz, the world’s largest warship, is likely to conduct a drill with Indian Navy’s off the coast of Andaman & Nicobar island. Nimitz is already present in the Indian ocean and came into the ocean via Malacca Strait.

The strait, a narrow stretch between Malaysia and Indonesia is a crucial global choke point from which considerable global oil flows to the rest of Asia including China.

The likely India-US drill could happen on the lines of exercise India had with the Japanese Naval forces at the end of June month. The India-Japan Naval exercise was termed “Passex” or passing exercise.

The development comes amidst India-China border standoff. Last month India and China were involved in a violent face-off after “Chinese side took a premeditated and planned action that was directly responsible for the resulting violence and casualties” according to Ministry of external affairs.

Nimitz aircraft carrier is coming from South China sea and was part of wargames along with USS Theodore Roosevelt.

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