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A Cold War Between the U.S. and China Would Be a Dangerous Affair

Is the United States on the brink of a new, dangerous Cold War with China? Is one already underway? Certainly, many are aware that tensions between the two countries are at what some would call an all-time high. The coronavirus pandemic and stepped up surveillance and training activities by both countries in the South China Sea have further strained relations.

Naval encounters in sensitive strategic waterways, weapons placement on phony islands in the South China Sea, U.S. Navy Freedom of Navigation Operations, Air Force bomber patrols and massively increased spy plane activities throughout the Pacific all continue to contribute to increasingly open hostility between the two countries.

Another potential flashpoint includes U.S. and Chinese maneuvers and posturing regarding Taiwan. For example, China has sent multiple aircraft carriers toward Taiwan and conducted close-in fighter jet “flybys” near Taiwan’s coastline.

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