40 days after bloodshed, Indian Army fighting vehicles pull back from Galwan flashpoint

In a clear sign, both of distrust as well as logistical problems caused by melting snow swelling the Galwan river, the Indian Army will shortly pull back the last of its infantry fighting vehicles from near Patrol Point 14. It was here, 40 days ago, that Indian and Chinese troops faced off in an extended and violent clash that left 20 Indian Army men and at least 16 Chinese Army personnel dead.

It is this rollback of the Indian Army vehicles that will mark the grueling completion of the first pullback phase agreed upon by both sides in this area. In the days that followed the bloodshed, Indian infantry fighting vehicles and other military vehicles had rumbled towards the flashpoint from posts near the Shyok-Galwan confluence.

In the first week of July, with both sides agreeing to form a buffer zone of 1.5 km on each side, troops had pulled back, though several Indian Army vehicles had remained in the buffer zone. The Chinese side had fully cleared the buffer zone of its positions by this time.

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