Within days after flights resume, all safety norms go for a toss

Long queues without any physical distancing. Chennai airport seems to have gone back to a pre-COVID-19 era. Though only a limited number of flights operate every day, the airport is witnessing serpentine queues in two areas — the entry to the terminal and at the security check.

There are only about 40-45 flights that the airport currently handles after airlines resumed domestic operations early last week. But, passengers do not follow physical distancing norms, rendering them vulnerable to contracting the infection from co-passengers.

S. Janaki (name changed), a passenger who recently travelled from Chennai to Bengaluru, said, “It was scary to see people so close to each other. Both passengers and authorities need to be aware of the seriousness of this situation. The responsibility lies on both sides equally. But the authorities could have a volunteer wearing PPE or mask and gloves constantly reminding passengers to maintain distance between one another. Passengers should also realise that their life is at risk and behave responsibly.”

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