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Russia vs. NATO: Welcome to the Fourth Battle of the Atlantic

The Russian Naval and Air presence throughout the European and Arctic regions are inspiring what U.S. leaders are now calling the “Fourth Battle of the Atlantic.”

Citing a recent point at which as many as ten Russian submarines were found to be on patrol in the Atlantic theater, U.S. Navy Forces Europe/Africa Adm. James Foggo III said “We’ve entered what I call the Fourth Battle of the Atlantic,” according to a report in Seapower Magazine.

Foggo mentioned the ten Russian submarines, reportedly detected by Norweigan forces, represent a concerning part of a broader Russian campaign to gain tactical and strategic advantages in the Arctic. The Russians are adding a combat-capable ice-breaker, he said, and have place S-400 air defenses on several re-opened Soviet military bases in the region.

The Russian submarine threat is significant, as the country is reported by to have sixty-two submarines, just slightly less than the current U.S. fleet. F

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