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Russia Rapidly Bolsters Indian Arsenal Against China – French Rafale Deliveries Continue at Snail’s Pace

Following the brief standoff between Chinese and Indian forces in Galwan Valley, which notably saw the Indian Army take over 150 casualties, Russia has pledged to bolster its South Asian partner’s defences with an early delivery of the S-400 air defence system ordered in October 2018.

With India considering an emergency purchase of 33 MiG-29UPG and Su-30MKI fighters, Russia has offered to deliver these within a very short time – most likely before the year’s end. India is also considering further acquisitions of high end Russian armaments to modernise its inventory and better counter Chinese forces – notably including more T-90 battle tanks and new MiG-35 ‘4++ generation’ fighters. One of the major benefits of Russian weapons sales comes from its position as an established manufacturer of armaments on a large scale, which allows it to manufacture new weapons both cost effectively due to economies of scale and quickly enough to meet the requirements of its clients.

While Russia has provided significant and timely support for India’s armed forces, Delhi’s other major arms supplier France has notably fallen far short on delivering the 36 fighters ordered under a controversial deal. It was previously highlighted by Indian opposition

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