Plain Truth: Indian Army Is Fully Prepared And Was NOT Caught Unawares In Ladakh; China Risks Losing Face

The Chinese misadventure in Ladakh did not catch the Indian Army unaware as some media reports would suggest. And contrary to perceptions in some quarters, the Indian Army has enough assets on the ground in Ladakh to not only thwart any aggression on the part of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA), but also give it a bloody nose.

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  1. Plain Truth: The fact that the Chinese always seem to control the narrative, be it in dolkam or ladhak, proves that the Indian military and intelligence agency lack information warfare capability.

    The fact that India is constantly trying to deescalate proves we are not in a potion of strength other wise we would not be trying so hard to deescalate. While the Chinese make aggressive and insulting statement, our military generals and defense minister are making extremely carefully worded diplomatic responses.

    The Indian military policy to always deescalate, never retaliate when it comes to china is only making India look weak, and that’s exactly what the Chinese want.

    The Chinese are also waging a propaganda war to demoralize India, India needs a proper counter propaganda mechanism. Website like your are doing a good job of exposing enemy propaganda but they don’t have the global reach, India needs it own international media like the BBC or RT to represent the Indian point of view.

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