‘Nepal acted on behalf of Beijing’ argument erodes our ties: Chinese envoy in Kathmandu

Nepal’s new political map was a response to public demand to uphold its sovereignty, according to Chinese Ambassador in Kathmandu Hou Yanqi.

In an interview to a prominent Nepalese online publication, she said Nepal’s territorial dispute with India at Kalapani should not be disturbed by “unilateral” action and those who said Nepal acted on behalf of China in fact intended to undermine China-Nepal ties.

“This is a measure by the Nepali government to firmly safeguard sovereignty and territorial integrity and comply with the public opinion. Any so-called “Nepal at the behest of China” accusation is baseless and comes with ulterior motives. Such accusations are not only an insult to the will of the independent country of Nepal, but also are endeavours directed at disruption of China-Nepal relations”, said Ms. Hou in the interview to Rising Nepal.

She argued that reports about China acquiring territory from Nepal in the northern part of the country was created by “irresponsible media and individual groups” as Nepal-China boundary was already demarcated “without any dispute”. “The Chinese side has always respected sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Nepali side”, she said.

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