LAC Standoff: US Reiterates Support To India, Notes ‘External Rebalancing Critical’

Amid escalating tensions between India and China over an array of issues, the United States has reiterated its support against Chinese probing of Indian sovereignty.

Alice G Wells, Former Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary (PDAS) took to Twitter to express the United States’ friendly relations with India and its support in pushing back China from meddling into India’s affairs.

India-China standoff

Chinese military helicopters were spotted close to the border between India and China in eastern Ladakh after a clash between soldiers from both sides took place on two occasions. Thereafter, a fleet of Su-30 fighters of the Indian Air Force carried out sorties in the area.

Indian and Chinese Army personnel clashed along the northern bank of the Pangong Lake in Ladakh on May 5. Four days later, a face-off between the two sides was witnessed near Naku La Pass in Sikkim

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