Know The Indian Army | A Basic Fact-file On The Organisation And Structure Of Infantry Regiments

The Indian Army is the land-bases forces of our Armed Forces, which is tasked with defending the land frontiers of our nation that are located adjacent to our borders with our neighboring nations (Pakistan , China and Bangladesh).

As one of the three wings of our Armed Forces, the Indian Army has a clear cut duty to defend our frontiers / border areas and thwart any war / infiltration aggression by the enemy with an aim to ensure national security and thereby maintain peace at all times.

To put it in very layman’s language, the wings (Corps / Regiments) of the Indian Army which are trained, equipped, and en-tasked to take part in active combat during any war / military confrontation with an enemy state are known as the ‘Combat Arms’.
The Arms are further split into Combat, support and technical arms. The Infantry, Armoured Corps, Mechanised Infantry and Artillery form part of the main Combat Arms of Indian Army.

Infantry is one among the three major combat arms of the Indian Army.The other two being Armoured Corps and Artillery. The battle hardened Infantry regiments form the bulk of the Indian Army’s combat arms composition.An Infantry regiment / battalion comprises of foot soldiers who are equipped with small arms (assault rifles, machine guns, grenades) to carry out combat /raids on foot, hold strategic positions / vantage points in forward areas and defend posts, pickets and bunkers in forward areas right along the Line of Control, Line of Actual Control and the International Border.

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