India’s one China policy may not be permanent feature amid Beijing’s aggression

Amid the stand-off and high tension across the Line of Actual Control, prominent Indian strategic experts have explored possible options that India can pursue to send strong messages to Beijing. Law and Society Alliance and Defense Capital jointly organised a webinar on the topic “Revisiting ‘One China’ policy: Economic and Political Options for India: Hong Kong, Tibet, Taiwan, and Xinjiang” on Friday. The speakers at the event were: President of Centre for China Analysis and Strategy, Jayadeva Ranade; Secretary General of Forum for Integrated National Secretary, Sheshadri Chari; Director of Vivekananda International Foundation Dr. Arvind Gupta; Editor of Strat News Global and Bharat Shakti, Nitin Gokhale; and Senior Fellow at Peace and Conflict Studies, Abhijit Iyer Mitra.

Arvind Gupta began by defining the idea of One China Policy and argued that it should mean that there should be reciprocity in all the areas between the two countries. He expressed his concerns about not taking a dynamic approach beyond the statements.

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