India’s Diplomatic, Military Ties With Allies Will Help Countering China, Defence Experts

Amid simmering tension between India and China following the recent face-off at Galwan Valley in Ladakh, defence experts have called New Delhi to strengthen diplomatic and military ties, especially maritime ties, with its allies.

In a webinar organised by the Hudson Institute, an American think-tank, experts discussed about how the recent skirmishes connect to China’s attempts at strengthening its global posture in the wake of its power grabs in Hong Kong, its economic threats toward Australia, and its growing belligerence toward South East Asia, Japan, and Taiwan.

While the 2,167-mile-long mountainous border has periodically seen conflict between India and China, the two nuclear-armed neighbors, the current standoff has been the most violent in over a half-century.

Patrick M. Cronin, Asia-Pacific Security Chair of Hudson Institute believes that either China is taking an advantage of Covid-19 pandemic and the upcoming elections in the United States or President Xi is acting to strengthen his fading grip within the country.

“The Chinese sense an opportunity, and they know it’s a limited opportunity because they know there is a lot of political pushback on China if the democracies, in particular, can get their act together. So, the Chinese are seizing this opportunity”, he said.

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