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Germany yet to take decision on Donald Trump’s G-11 plan

Germany, one of India’s key partners, has yet to reveal its stand on US President Donald Trump’s call to expand the Group of Seven or G7 to G11 by including India, Russia, Australia and South Korea. However, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesperson has said that G7 and G20 remain important to Germany, signalling that Europe’s largest economy may prove an important factor in implementation of what has been interpreted as the US’ move to check China’s global ambitions.

“In our view, G7, with its membership structure of democracies and leading economies, remains an important format,” Merkel’s spokesperson said in Berlin. “Equally important for international cooperation is G20, where there is an exchange with the leading industrialised countries and emerging economies. In our view, however, the G7 also has its meaning in the large context of multilateral forums.” Both G7 and G20 include China as well as Germany.

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