Did Bhutan block irrigation water supply to India? Here’s what actually happened

Bhutan Blocking Water Supply to India: At a time when India is caught up addressing border issues with China and Nepal, a news regarding trouble with another neighbouring nation Bhutan has caught everyone’s immediate attention. Reports claimed that Bhutan has blocked irrigation water along its border in Assam. There were reports claiming that the blockade has affected thousands of farmers in the northeastern state. However, India has rubbished all such reports and clarified that Bhutan has been actually helping in removing the ‘natural blockage’ in the irrigation channel flowing between the two countries.

Assam Chief Secretary Kumar Sanjay Krishna, in tweet, rejected media reports suggesting trouble between New Delhi and Thimpu.

“Recent media reports about Bhutan blocking water supply to India has been incorrectly reported. The actual reason being the natural blockage of informal irrigation channels into Indian fields! Bhutan has been actually helping to clear the blockage,” Krishna tweeted along with images of people clearing boulders in the water channel.

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