China’s BRI not Delhi’s Indo-Pacific vision is an encirclement strategy

NEW DELHI: The series of recent commentaries in state-run Chinese media about the USA using India as a counterweight to China as the basis for the recent crisis ignores the critical point that it is Beijing which is engaged in a policy of encirclement to box down India and Pakistan is a key element in its strategy.

Pakistan is considered a very important strategic pillar for China to contain India in the South Asian region and a powerful counterbalance to the rising India. China will exploit every possible chance to encourage Pakistan to act on Indian interests, but chess pieces manipulated by Beijing may not achieve what it is hoping for.

From Gwadar port to port in Myanmar to Hambantota port in Sri Lanka to infrastructure projects in Nepal – key pillars of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) – are attempts to encircle India. It has plans in Bangladesh whose ties with India have been transformed over the last few years. China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) so called “jewel crown” in BRI violates India’s sovereignty and Beijing never made any effort to appraise India of its plans. In fact BRI and CPEC are tools to encircle India, wh ..

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