China is trying to ‘bully’ India against building road in Pangong area

The Chinese move to position itself between Finger 4 and Finger 8 of the Pangong Lake, a total of 8 km inside India’s Line of Actual Control (LAC), is bullying tactics to stop India’s road construction activity, sources in the defence and security establishment said.

While a road from Finger 2 to Finger 4 is something that has been in the works for long, a fresh attempt was being made by India, sources told ThePrint.

To travel from Finger 3 to Finger 4, the Indians have to do so by foot through a narrow track. An attempt was being made to build a proper track to Finger 4 which was being objected to by the Chinese,” a source said.

The Chinese had managed to build a motorable track from its Sirijap Post, captured in the 1962 War which is beyond Finger 8, till Finger 5 when the Indian presence had thinned down in 1999 as troops were moved to fight the Kargil battle, which needed acclimated soldiers.

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