All about Indian Army’s Ghatak commandos deployed at LAC to counter martial arts-trained China’s PLA

Amid the rising tensions between India and China at the Line of Actual Control (LAC), China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is employing martial arts trainers to train their military officers stationed at LAC. Some reports claimed that at least 20 martial arts trainers have been sent to Tibet to train Chinese soldiers deployed near LAC.

But Indian Army is fully prepared for any kind of assault by Chinese forces and has deployed its Ghatak commandos in Ladakh near the border areas to counter the martial arts’ trained Chinese Army. According to an Army officer, a Ghatak commando undergos a specialised 43-day Commando Training Course at Belgaum in Karnataka. The training includes running for 40-kilometers non-stop with a weight of about 35 kg which strengthens them physically.

Ghatak Platoons are specialized elite infantry platoons within Indian Army and their primary role and purpose is to be heavily armed spearheads or shock troopers in case of an operation or a conflict.

Ghatak Platoons are composed of the most physically fit and motivated soldiers in an infantry battalion. The Ghatak commandos are trained to flank around their enemy and attack them from the rear without needing any support from the rest of the battalion. Apart from weapons training they are also trained in hand-to-hand combat and also specialise in martial arts.

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